Refugee Entrepreneurial Fund Student Board

Thank you to Hannah, Zoe, Emma, Christian and Lea for their time and invaluable input and support for this project.


Hannah Suiter [Project research assistant]

Hello! My name is Hannah Suiter, and I am a Third Year International Relations and Sustainable Development. My interests includes decolonial approaches to peacebuilding, humanitarian assistance and aid, and environmentalism and agency in international ‘development’. I am looking forward to helping to coordinate aspects of the REF for the refugee entrepreneurial fund. I was immediately inspired by the quality of applications we had, and am learning a lot from the applicants and advisors. Most importantly, being part of the Fund has allowed me to see the value of supporting grassroots solutions and investing in community-based innovations.

Zoe Caimi

Hi, my name is Zoe! I’m an undergraduate student studying Economics and International Relations at the University of St. Andrews. I’m half Italian and half Korean, though I’ve lived most of my life in China. Apart from Italian, Korean, and English, I’m also able to conduct simple day-to-day conversations in Spanish and Mandarin. It therefore comes as no surprise that languages are one of my many passions. My studies mostly focus on humanitarian and environmental aspects of diplomacy and intervention. In the future, I would like to work for NGOs or IGOs that assist in delivering forms of development that are both sustainable and representative of local needs. Likewise, translation and interpretation studies are other avenues I would like to explore further. In my free time, I enjoy horse-back riding and reading.

Emma Gray

I am a third year student of International Relations at the University of St Andrews. I am particularly interested in studying and working in the field of human rights or refugee studies. Working within the CPCS has been invaluable to give me the contacts and skills that can help me on my journey.

Christian Phillips

Hello! My name is Christian and I’m a Third Year International Relations and Social Anthropology student at the University of St. Andrews. I’m really interested in working in the areas of conflict resolution because of my personal experience living and working in multiple regions affected by these issues. Through participating in research projects in any capacity, I’m hoping to learn as much as possible from experts in these fields. 


Lea Heljesdatter Kvadsheim

Hi, my name is Lea. I am an undergraduate student studying International Relations at the University of St Andrews. I have grown up in Oslo, Norway. I am genuinely concerned about the world around me, and I want to be able to make a positive contribution to society. My interests of study include human rights, decolonial approaches to peacebuilding, diplomacy and terrorism. Beside school I work at a “value based” national newspaper in Norway and for a student newspaper in St Andrews. I am very motivated to be part of the student boards for the refugee entrepreneur fund. I am especially looking forward to learn about and support the entrepreneurs. I am curious and committed to develop myself personally and professionally.