The forthcoming inaugural issue of Openings, a new creative interventions section in Contemporary Voices: The St Andrews Journal of International Relations, will seek to unravel the various threads of conversation that have emerged around the exhibition and its associated programme. 

This Special Issue – ‘Unravelling the Threads of War and Conflict’ – curates a range of creative and innovative responses to the “Threads, War and Conflict” exhibition. Contributions adopt a variety of forms and formats including stitch, poetry, dialogue, critical reflection, narrative, digital collage, (auto)ethnography, photo essay, performance, and video. These creative contributions:

  • Explore the diverse ways in which conflict textiles speak international politics;
  • Reflect on how politically-engaged stitch can be used as a form of resistance;
  • Account for stitch and textile as a method with which to engage in artistic and practice-based research on international politics;
  • Illustrate how textiles and stitching can be mobilised as sites of/for pedagogy.