2023 PhD Workshop

June 2023


The role and location of care in politics has been noticed by scholars of the social sciences and humanities, particularly over the past decade; care has grown to be considered not only in its institutionalised forms, as healthcare, eldercare, childcare, and care labour, but also in other diverse, pluralistic, interpersonal forms – as a protest practice, as an ethic of care in education and research, and in policy.

However, this growing trend of care-infused scholarship brings with it renewed priorities for examining the locations, applications, and limitations of care-based research and thought. Specifically, there is a need to examine care in relation to coloniality, to question and provoke the institutional and non-institutional prevalence of colonial influences within caring relations, and to imagine what decolonial care would look like – in thought and in practice.

These hybrid workshops bring together creative storytelling and imaginative discussions to contend with everyday reflections of (de)coloniality within interpersonal relationships in research, activism, education, and labour. Through workshops oriented toward exchanging stories and forums for collective knowledge production, it hopes to promote collaboration within an increasingly saturated field of decolonial and care-based scholarship.

Both workshops will take place on the same day, and we invite proposals from individuals and joint presenters that contend with the aforementioned themes. Proposals must include an abstract of 250-300 words. A limited number of bursaries for in-person attendees are available to support graduate students and early career researchers who do not have institutional research support.

The Center will award small funding awards to 2 participants to develop their work for future output and publication. Participants in the workshops will be invited to also submit to our conference of the same theme to be held tentatively in November 2023 at the University of St Andrews.