From ‘In the Loop’, Issue 391

Somalia, Sudan and IR

Yasmin Ahmed, Legal and Sanctions Advisor to the British Embassy in Somalia, took part in an online discussion session on Wednesday (15 April) with students from the School of International Relations.

Yasmin, who works closely with the United Nations (UN) on the arms embargo and partial sanctions on Somalia, was joined by Sara Abbas, a Sudanese decolonial scholar to discuss her PhD research on Sudan and her latest visit to the country, which is not very accessible to scholars and practitioners.

Organised by Dr Malaka Shwaikh, Associate Lecturer in Peace and Conflict Studies, student questions ranged from the role of Yasmin and Sara as women of ‘diaspora’ in their home country, the dynamics of working with the UN and NGOs within Africa and the significance, if any, of the recent lift of sanctions on Sudan.

This is part of a four-week programme, where Dr Shwaikh has invited external speakers to discuss intersectionality/feminism, decoloniality, critical peace, and the grassroots approach to peacekeeping to link in-class academic discussion with the reality on the ground the way practitioners of peace and conflict studies see it.