Final Update: July-September 2021

Tebfact has made some wonderful progress towards hosting educational courses. This includes a Design and Editing Course run by Fayez Akram Abu Rida, which saw 25 people learning to use Adobe-premier. This is a vital step towards the online platform Tebfact hopes to create. The computer-based knowledge they have gained from others in this course will help to build this medical platform. It also opens up the possibility of other lines of work that require online design skills. There has also been work on collaborations between MedX and Red Crescent (affiliation of the Red Cross) in Bursa on designing an anti-smoking campaign.

Overall, Tebfact has made a great push to successfully designing their web platform which connects patients with doctors. Alongside this, they have managed to collaborate with healthcare professionals on designing potential medical knowledge classes/specialist sessions which may greatly increase the number of people able to benefit from Tebfact’s ambitious plans widen access to medical care. The REF looks forward to seeing the future progress of Tebfact greatly.  

Update 1: February-March 2021

Despite significant obstacles, Tebfact has made impressive progress in its first few months. Designed as an online medical platform which enables patients to connect with their desired doctors from their mobile phones, Tebfact is contributing to the revolutionising of the healthcare system.  So far, Tebfact have managed to recruit the doctors who will work on the platform. This is an exciting accomplishment for the team, and this momentum continues. The web platform is well into the design phase, and the newly integrated legal team are in the process of registering Tebfact as a company through the Ministry of Economy in Ramallah. The latter process is being hindered by the nearly total blockade of the West Bank which delays the finalising of legal contracts and completion of e-payments.

In terms of collaboration, the funding has been used to facilitate meetings between Tebfact and the MedX Turkey team. This has led to plans to organise a summer camp for medical students in both Palestine and Turkey. The camp will provide online courses to develop research skills, communication and technical skills; specifically looking at the kind of advanced computer programs needed to help clients meet with healthcare providers at any time of day.

Looking forward, Tebfact is in an excellent position to increase the number of planned beneficiaries. For example, an early-stage collaboration with travel company based in Kuwait in showing real promise in providing their 45K clients with online medical consultations when they travel.

The REF is excited to see how this project develops.